DIVERSITY: the infinite potential of a mix of individuals, identities, talents, experiences and perspectives in the world and in the workforce*.

INCLUSION: The practice of enabling each individual to develop their full potential in a safe working environment in which they feel they belong

Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in business and all related ecosystems. Because we know diversity well managed is an infinite source of business growth and success.

LeadershipCQ provides intercultural expertise and services to individuals and organizations wanting to better navigate through today's global economy. We share powerful tools to boost diverse team performance by grooming a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

At a time when COVID 19 has generated worldwide anxiety in the workplace and beyond, increased discrimination can be witnessed everywhere and it is important to remind ourselves of the richness of diversity and inclusion, rather than to fall into the fear of differences. 

70% of company mergers that fail are due to cultural differences. Research shows that 60 to 80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from conflicts between employees. These difficulties increase when cultures collide. 

Inclusion: Your Return on Investment

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Work performance

  • Decrease in turnover

  • Employee Engagement

  • Psychological safety

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Leadership Emergence

  • Intercultural trust and adaptability 


The newly appointed leader decided to impose an equalitarian view on management. This took her time, explaining and training. She empowered her staff progressively, discussed the managerial style differences at length and why she believed an equalitarian approach would give the necessary shift to the company. Her results were so impressive in the country that she soon became part of the board.