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Inclusive leadership and cultural intelligence

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Diversity & Inclusion

January 27, February 3, 10 and 17, 2022 

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Vanessa Barros will be speaking at the

Women’s Business Virtual Conference 


Join her on December 15 2022
From Accidental excluder to Deliberate Includer

At LeadershipCQ we promote diversity and inclusion in business and all related ecosystems. Because we know that diversity well managed is an infinite source of business growth and success.


Today, organizations face a spectrum of diversity. At Leadership CQ we believe in the infinite potential of a mix of individuals, identities, talents, experiences and perspectives in the world and in the workforce.

70% of company mergers failures are due to cultural differences. Diversity well managed through Inclusion unleashes performance.


Beyond well-intended corporate programs, a company can only realize the benefits of diversity when inclusive practices are integrated in the everyday behaviors of its employees and modeled by its leadership.

LeadershipCQ provides intercultural expertise and services to individuals and organizations wanting to better navigate through today's global economy. 

We share powerful tools to boost diverse team performance by grooming a culture of inclusion in the workplace.


Understand the brain mechanisms that drive exclusive behavior in our every day lives.

An unusual bond combined with a shared commitment to drive change created a common project: LeadershipCQ.


Our team combines senior management experience of diverse teams around the world with solid academic and research background as well as extensive pedagogical knowledge.


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