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  • 1,200 interviews of Senior International Executives from 66 nationalities

  • Mix of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, 20+ industries

  • The findings of scientific literature in Neuroscience, social psychology, organisational behavior, conflict resolution

  • The supervision of prestigious NTU CLCI academics who developed the concept of CQ (Pr. Soon Ang)

  • The distillation of 20+ years of professional experience running diverse teams around the globe

  • Awarded “Best International Paper” at SIOP conference in 2020


  • Includers

  • Female Leadership

  • Working Practices in Post-Covid19 era

  • Art & Confinement

  • University of Life (Special online education for Autistic adults)


Vanessa Barros, PhD

I advise senior international executives, write, teach and do research specialising in cross-cultural leadership, conflict management and innovation. I am mostly based in Europe. Creativity, Generosity and Joy are the three values that guide my life achievements.LinkedIn and personal website

Cedric Bachellerie
I lead projects of business management innovation and leadership development, with a focus on education and inclusive business models. I have 25 years of international experience within multinational companies. I’m French based in Dubai. Moral imagination is my main value.LinkedIn and personal website

Caroline Iegendre

LinkedIn and personal website

Devaux Amélie (4).jpg

Amélie Devaux
I started my career in Finance working for KPMG in Paris and then for Suez Environment in Morocco. New professional opportunities in France and Asia led me to move into Career Management for international executives and students. The cultural gaps I experienced during my four expatriations and my current eyes disability  motivated me to explore Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.LinkedIn and personal website.