The objective of our training is a behavioral change towards deliberate inclusive leadership. The content is based on our scientific research and more than 250 executive interviews. We use the experiential learning methodology and provide a 12 week follow-up program to ensure sustainable change.

Target Audience

Managers who want to gain new skills on Diversity and Inclusion.

Top Management Teams


#1 Including Deliberately

A 4h introductory workshop to D&I with focus on the biases created by our narrative brain and strategies to practice our experience brain and counter such biases. Introduction to HOPES framework.


#2 Inclusive Leadership

2 x 3h workshop on:

- how to develop an inclusive leadership posture through Curiosity, Candor, Courage and Courtesy (4Cs).

- how to manage a diverse team dynamic in an inclusive manner


#3 ACE : a Grammar for Inclusion

4 x 4h workshop on:

- to Attend to emotions and tools to reduce tension

- to Contextualise tension by understanding its dynamics

- understanding how our brain works - narrative versus experience brain

- understanding and detecting cultural differences

- practicing inclusive communication

- to Explore tension resolution tools and practice influential tactics


#4 Performance Boosters

2h workshops providing practical tools to boost diverse teams' performance:

- Inclusive Recruitment

- Inclusive Meetings

- Inclusive Feedback

- Inclusive Project Management


#5 Inclusion and Innovation

2 x 4h day workshop covering the innovation process and how to ensure inclusion at each stage of the process through psychological safety to reach optimal value creation.

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