This book will be an invaluable resource to those future generations of leaders as they embark on this journey of building the global puzzle'.

- Ouided Bouchamaoui, 2015 Peace Nobel Prize-Winner


À l’heure de la généralisation du travail à distance, un ouvrage passionnant qui invite à poser les fondements d’un New Deal entre l’individu, le manager et l’entreprise pour définir les contours du "vivre-ensemble" dans l’entreprise de demain.

- Yves Perrier, Président d’Amundi 

Virtuel, Vertueux, Virtuose. cropped.jpg
Virtuel, Vertueux, Virtuose

At the heart of post-Covid organizations' challenges. This collective book brings a powerful reflexion combined with practical tips on the profound changes that virtuality has brought to the work place and ways to embrace that change successfully: working practices, team management, innovation, leadership, e.learning, cultural differences. English Translation underway.


Best International Paper Award 2020 at SIOP (the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting). Barros, V., Rockstuhl T., Ng K. Y., and Ang S. (2020) – How Global Leaders Resolve Intercultural Conflicts? Evidence Using Intercultural Situational Judgment Tests.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting (2019 - approved): Barros V., Rockstuhl T., Ng K.Y., Ang S. (2019) – When experts (& novices) meet intercultural conflict: Protocol & comparative analysis).


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting (2017): Rockstuhl T., Barros V., Ang S. (2017) - Putting Judging Situations Back In SJTs: New Evidence and Innovation.