We provide concrete and practical trainings to address challenges in organizations and influence people who work in a different cultural environment.

Level 1 : ACE Certification and individual level (2 day program)

Level 2 : Team Level (2 day program)

Level 3 : First 90 days for a new expat leader (1hour sessions)

Level 4 : Organizational level - HR Director (2 day program)

Level 5 : Trainer Certification (2 day program)

Maurice Estève (75) Detila.

We provide concrete and practical courses to help students gathering "cultural agility"  and influence them to work successfully  with people from different cultures.

Intercultural Agility

International Leadership and Management

International Business Development

A fully customized program to further increase its learning power.


Training programs gain effectiveness if they tap into the organization’s talent and expertise. Part of the employee motivation to learn comes from the confidence that this learning is effective.


Having video testimonials from their leaders and peers and concrete examples of successful implementation of techniques, increases the transmission of knowledge.


Having case studies specifically designed to their organizational context increases the credibility of the training and its effectiveness.


This adds singularity and impact to the group executive training.