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CEOs' lunch at the Munich Security Conference

The editor-in-chief of “The Pioneer”, Michael Bröcker, took the photo and shared it on Twitter. It is the CEOs' lunch at the Munich Security Conference. Apart from the ties'colors, the visible homogeneity of the people around the table is staggering.

The immediate reaction on the net had to do with gender equality and yes there would be a lot to say on that topic. The speakers at the conference were 45% female... the reality of this leadership gathering is obviously different.

Beyond gender, the homogeneity of teams (whatever that homogeneity is: religion, gender orientation, social status, neurodiversity) leads to group think with the ability to convince each other that a very wrong decision is fantastic, it also reduces opportunities to think differently, or to understand the realities of our societies. When you know that 33% of 0 to 5 yr olds in Germany are immigrant's children, 50,6% are women, how does this group of leaders reflect and may understand the present and future of the nation?

Diversity is an innovation driver when well managed and leads to superior organisational performance. Let's make sure that ties are no longer the only differentiation factor in a room :)-

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