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Maurice Estève (75) Detila.

Unleashing the Power
Diversity & Inclusion
At a time when COVID 19 has generated worldwide anxiety in the workplace and beyond, increased discrimination can be witnessed everywhere and it is important to remind ourselves of the richness of diversity and inclusion, rather than to fall into the fear of differences. 
70% of Merger and Acquisitions that fail, are due to cultural differences. According to another research, 60 to 80% of all difficulties in organizations stemfrom conflicts between employees. These difficulties increase when cultures collide. 
Leadershipcq provides intercultural expertise and services to individuals and organizations wanting to better navigate through today's global economy. We share powerful tools to boost diverse team performance by grooming a culture of inclusion in the workplace.
We provide individual and group Research, Training, and advice/expertise to organizations and schools that are merging with new cultures to help ensure transitional and ongoing success. 

Estève 1975 - Detail