Applying Research to Senior Executive Advisory

Questioning others’ professionalism invites an immediate negative reaction that many international executives have when they are facing a behavior which is culturally different from theirs and which they don’t understand in the workplace.
Professionalism’ becomes
the alibi for ethnocentrism.


Such phenomenon may help explain why 70% of Merger and Acquisitions that fail, are due to cultural differences,. According to another research, 60 to 80% of all difficulties in organizations stemfrom conflicts between employees. These difficulties increase when cultures collide. 


We go beyond individual views of “professionalism” to discuss the complex intercultural conflict phenomenon at work and propose Senior Executives practical ways to resolve it effectively. We base our advisory on a framework for intercultural conflict resolution called ACE:

              Attending to the emotions;

              Contextualizing the conflict;
Exploring conflict resolutions.

Maurice Estève (75) Detila.

'Vanessa's views on leadership and cultural intelligence are bright and innovative. She goes beyond stereotypes to challenge leaders to detect signs of culture and to practice inclusion in the workplace. She bring tons of positive energy.'

Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director at Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia


‘Vanessa Barros hits the nail on the head ... really talks about what international managers go through every day.’

Frederic Larmuseau, CEO, Jacobs Douwe Egberts