This book will be an invaluable resource to those future generations of leaders as they embark on this journey of building the global puzzle'.

Ouided Bouchamaoui, 2015 Peace Nobel Prize-Winner

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Inspired by 200 senior international executives Vanessa Barros goes beyond individual views of ‘professionalism’ to provide a breakthrough framework. Her fit for use model to resolve intercultural conflicts will help any leader to build an inclusive culture.

‘Vanessa Barros hits the nail on the head – my favorite book beating Emotional Agility as it really talks about what international managers go through every day'.

Frederic Larmuseau, ex-CEO, Jacobs. Douwe Egberts

‘It is a powerful guide to personal growth`

Javier Simon, President Estée Lauder Travel Retail APAC

“How unprofessional!” is the immediate negative reaction that many international executives have when they are facing a behaviour which is culturally different from theirs in the workplace. “Lack of professionalism” then becomes the alibi for ethnocentrism. This jeopardizes relationships, generates exclusion at work and reduces chances of success for diverse teams.


Such phenomenon may help explain why 70% of Merger and Acquisitions fail due to cultural differences. According to a recent study, the average employee spends 2.1 hours a week dealing with conflict. According to another research, 60 to 80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from conflicts between employees. These difficulties increase when cultures collide. 


Most of the 200 international executives whom Vanessa Barros interviewed did not match the cultural profiles described in classic intercultural literature (related to their gender, nationality or ethnicity). Cultural values remain individual preferences. This book presents tools to detect those cultural differences when they occur and the typical conflicts associated to these differences.


Vanessa has conceived a framework for intercultural conflict resolution called “ACE”. The book is built in short practical chapters easy to read as you go. It is a personal development guide for all those who would like to take advantage of the differences around them.


Vanessa Barros draws upon the insights of 200 senior executives from 66 different nationalities and their 4,000 years of combined professional experience. She builds on her own 20 years of international experience running global businesses around the world as well as her personal experience raising three children including one with special needs. But then again don’t we all have special needs?


If Diversity is about inviting everybody at the table, Inclusion is about giving each participant a voice. Too often organizations focus on diversity, underestimating the importance of inclusive leadership, inclusive culture and inclusive behavior to make the most of diversity. At a time when COVID 19 has generated world anxiety and discrimination has grown as a consequence, Inclusion more than ever becomes a strategic pillar for organizations to succeed.