Geneviève Flaven

Geneviève Flaven is a French cultural entrepreneur, who designs and leads collaborative theatre projects for large communities around the world. She uses theatre as a platform to sparkle and spread cultural changes within organisations. Three elements are particularly crucial to unleashing people's creative energies and transforming their collective power into action: provide resources to make everyone powerful, led by purpose not by processes and engage the physical body. These ideas could provide new routes for managers to build momentum for agile transformation and change within their organizations. 


Born in Paris, France in 1969, Genevieve graduated in Economy from ESSEC and in Econometrics & Game Theory from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales under the direction of Jean Tirole. She worked a few years as a specialist in project management for CSC Peat Marwick and in 2001, she co-founded Style-Vision a trend research and design consulting company in France.


Through research, copywriting, training sessions, conferences and innovation workshops, she helped global companies from Toyota to Zara to identify future business opportunities, by matching their product innovations with consumer expectations. After ten years in Europe, she moved her company to China in 2010 to accompany the shift of Chinese leading groups from production to design.


Since Mid-2018, she is based again in Europe to provide a new palette of business services for innovators including AI based business analytics, cultural transformation programs and design tours.